Ares, Mars and my birth sign. Two great reasons for the naming of this blog. This will be the account of a young space explorer who hopes to see humans on the surface of Mars in his life time and is working to further human space exploration in many areas.

Friday, September 29, 2006

First few days in Spain and the Opening of the Space Generation Congress 2006!!!

The Space Generation brings their global presence to Valencia

The 2006 Space Generation Congress (SGC) kicked off in style today in Valencia ahead of the International Astronautical Congress. Youth delegates from 37 countries are contributing to the SGC by drafting a Global Youth Declaration that will reinstate the interests and aims of young thinkers: students and young professionals from different walks of life who are passionate about space exploration. Another important aspect of the congress is that delegates will get to advise on the future path and objectives of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). This aims to facilitate an efficient involvement of youth groups from around the world, and expand SGAC’s already impressive portfolio of projects.

Today, Tim Bailey, SGC event manager, jump-started the congress by describing new and exciting avenues that have been opened up to the public since the start of the private space-flight revolution and the rise of commercial ventures.

This year, SGC’s youngest participant is 17 years old, and has flown all the way from India to take part in this congress. This delegate represents the immense hard work and effort all delegates have contributed to, in order to participate in the workshops that will follow for the next 3 days. We wish that several other candidates could have joined us in person, but although we will miss the inputs of those delegates, the workshops will work to include contributions made via the online forums, which have been active for several months already.

At first, there were three

Chris Boshuizen, the newly appointed Executive Director of SGAC, gave an ever inspiring talk about how the forefathers of this concept nurtured the seed to really bring like-minded people together, and presented other success stories, portraying the efforts of highly motivated young people. Chris himself is an icon for our generation along with Jim Volp, the global co-chair of Space Generation Advisory Council. Volp presented the unique status of SGAC within the United Nations framework, in addition to how the delegates can fit in and work with projects that will really change the world at the local, regional and international levels.

“Through presentations of Bob Richards, Peter Diamandis and Todd Hawley [that created the International Space University, X Prize and paved the path for the personal spaceflight revolution] the delegates received numerous tools to aid their knowledge of the policy creation and implementation” pointed Kevin Stube, who has been appointed as the Event Manager for the SGC congress in 2007 in Hyderabad, India. This future is already being created now in Valencia!

The conference also benefited from an online webcast, which was provided by courtesy of the International Space University. Through this unique interaction, delegates who could not make it to Spain shall get to review the activities and inspiration talks given throughout the congress. For details, please check out mms://

Making a difference starts here, now

The seed is sown. We need to take this further. This was the clear message of the morning. The delegates broke away into their chosen workgroups to structure the Global Youth Declaration and the Strategic plan for SGAC. The spectrum of discussion topics ranged from long-term lunar/Martian exploration and settlement to access to space, how to increase the reach of media, PR and education regarding space to those who are yet to discover the full potential of space in their daily activities.

This year the Moon Mars Workshop delegates have chosen to concentrate on 5 main project groups - Life Science, Habitat design, Moon Base 2027 goals, Atmospheric and Interplanetary Transportation, and The Case for Humans in the Exploration of the Moon and Mars. “The anticipation and excitement within the groups buzzed around the auditorium and the intense brainstorming process resulted in a number of amazing and unique projects ideas. We could hardly pull the delegates away from their groups for a coffee break... can't wait for tomorrow!” reported Sarah Cook, co-architect of the Moon Mars Workshop

A word for today from the organizing committee

Thanks to everyone who is keeping an eye on our blog and on the webcast. Thanks to all the delegates who registered and are giving their input online, we value the efforts you put into those and hope to have your opinions reflected in our final documents. Thanks to Jim and Lin Burke who helped throughout the day and joined us in the task of getting our voices heard. Thanks to all the staff that have worked behind the scenes, around the clock, lugging bags for delegates and escorting them at times when jet lag and language barriers were making them dazed and confused. The local organizing committee arranged a fabulous feast at the exclusive Society of Agriculture & Sports and, last night, provided us with an awesome taste of the local tapas. Welcome also to our latest delegate from Venezuela!

Congress statistics so far

Total delegates: 58
Numbers of countries represented: 37
Number of volunteer staff: 20
Moon Mars Workshop team: 20
Global youth vision: 1

Let’s make Space happen! – Bee & Sanjoy, reporting from the Space Generation Congress headquarters at the RedNest Hostel (2:49am, cheers!).

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Arrival in Valencia

Arrival was great today with beautiful views on the way in. Pictures later of that. The airport is under construction, and can be slightly confusing, but just follow the crowd.

I took a taxi, it was 12 euro and about 10-15 minutes at the most. If you are coming in and there are more than 2 of you, it might be cheaper to split a taxi. I think busy is 2.5 and train is 1.5, so that is 4 and will take you about 1 hour total time to get here.

Walked the city a bit with Tim and Jaimy vdHorst today. It was very nice after the long flight. Great little cafe just down the street. Also saw the location of the opening dinner first and it is very nice. Looked at one possible closing dinner location tonight that is pretty good as well. Just down the street about 2 minutes.

Probably no pictures till tomorrow as I have to unpack the stuff to do that and since I have to change rooms tomorrow, I dont want to unpack too much.

See many of you soon, and hope the rest of you will follow along.


Friday, September 22, 2006

Space Generation Congress 2006!!!!

I am off in just a few hours for 2006 Space Generation Congress. For those who cannot make it, we will miss you. I will try to put periodic updates here about SGC and the IAC.

Ad Astra,


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Work at an undislosed location....

Well, on Tuesday working at a somewhat undisclosed location, we had a computer over heat. In space related jobs, you have to be able to think in order to solve problems, and speaking does not mean thinking. You have to be able to come up with new solutions to problems. So, sticking to the principal of Occam's Razor, we cooled the nice month old Alienware lap brining in 160 liters of Liquid Nitrogen. Through a little work, we cooled the lap top long enough to back it up.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Ares, Mars and my birth sign. Two great reasons for the naming of this blog. This will be the account of a young space explorer who hopes to see humans on the surface of Mars in his life time and is working to further human space exploration in many areas.